"Son of Saxon is the business umbrella for a creative collective of writers, designers, photographers and illustrators – based in Ludlow"

Ludlow Ledger is published by:

Independent publishing company Son of Saxon – based in Ludlow – which has created a number of unique titles since its inception in 2008, including the award-winning motoring magazine: RubberDuckMagazine. This interactive multi-layer publication employed the world’s first and only use of British Sign Language, and received a ‘Car Magazine of the Year’ Award, for Innovation, from Microsoft, WIRED and The Times. An interactive print version of the magazine features in the ‘Innovations In Magazine Media 2013 Report’ released by The Worldwide Magazine Media Association, FIPP. Son of Saxon currently publishes Doghouse, the British pub magazine: a 100-page love letter to the traditional public house.

Ludlow Ledger is edited AND PUBLISHED by:

Jon Saxon: a journalist since 1994 – working in the UK, North America, Europe and the UAE – spanning Yahoo!, CAR, Golf+, Eurotuner, and evo.


Sub editor: Sally Newman-Kidd; Writers: Liz Hyder, Nicki Lewis-Smith, Prue Britton, Mia Davis, John Barratt, Simon Pease, Gary Seymour; Photographers: Ashleigh Cadet, Ceri Saunders, Richard Stanton; Crossword: John Jarvis; Cartoonist: Roger Penwill.